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My Inspiration To Talk About Walking Again

Walking is a topic that I have a great affinity with, something that I do enjoy and also enjoy talking about. Which is of course why I first registered a website called My Daily 10000 a few years ago.

But of course at some point along the way, I lost some interest. I mean if I had not lost interest, you would think that I would have kept going the first time.

I think that a big part of the lack of inspiration was this thought in my mind that I said all there was to say. I know at the time I was struggling for ideas about what to share.

New Inspiration

Taking a wander through the library recently I came upon a book called “Born to Walk” by Dan Rubinstein. I picked it up and since it was the library just decided to check it out.

At the same time, there were a couple of other books that I checked out. the problem that often occurs is that I check out too many books and read a couple of pages of each. But of course, never get fully into reading any of the books. For some reason though Born to Walk managed to get my attention and I started reading and managed to finish the book.

Born to Walk

One of the main things that I believe caught my attention was the variety of data and information presented. Basically it was not boring. There is, of course, a lot of data talk about different studies, but it was interesting.

The author very much takes you on the journey with him. As in almost every chapter, the author himself is participating in the act of walking as part of his research. In one chapter that is a multi-day hike in Canada in winter. While in other chapters it is joining a walking group or just taking a walk with a researcher.

That I think is the key to my interest in this book. The author did not just go about sharing a lot of information. He has actually woven himself and his experience into the book as well. It becomes even more evident in chapter 8 Family, where he shares some personal family experience with walking.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, the main reasons I end up with the book in my hands is that it was at the library. If on the other hand, I had spotted it in a book shop, I likely would not be writing this post now. However, in saying that it is a book I would very much consider purchasing now, just to have my own copy. It was very much worth the read and I am rather happy that it has inspired me to get back to writing about walking.

Following is a link to the book on Amazon, this is an affiliate link and using this link will mean that I get a small payment if you purchase the book.

Born to Walk by Dan Rubinstein

If you know of any other good books about walking, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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