A New Start for My daily 10000

A New Start on My Daily 10000

Walking is something that I have been doing for nearly 34 years now. Of which the past five years I have been tracking nearly every step with a fitness tracker.

Today for the second time in those five years that I have been tracking my steps I am launching the website My Daily 10000.

The First Time Round

The first time that I launched this website I believe was back in 2016. I wanted to share my walking with the world. Plus along the way hopefully, inspire some others to walk a little more. At some point in the journey of the website though I decided not to keep going and did not renew the domain name.

Back For Round Two

Recently though I decided that the idea was something that I wanted to pursue. Walking and tracking my steps has been something that is important to me for five years. If it wasn’t I would not be still wearing a fitness tracker.

But I think more so I realised that I do want to try and inspire other people to get walking. There are many benefits that come from walking. But from some recent reading that I have done the trend is people are moving away from walking as much as they need to.

What To Expect

In rebuilding this website there are a number of things that I want to share.

The first is going to be some of my own statistics. Each week I will share an update with my steps from the previous week and a little about what happened that week. I will be including this data going back to the start of my tracking in December 2014. However, much of that has been recreated and includes minimal extra notes. Hopefully, I will be able to change this going forward.

The second thing I want to share is some of the places that I walk. At times this might be a single photo and a little about the area. While at other times it might be a series of photos from a place I have walked and about the walk itself. It will just depend on where I am and what I have to share.

The third topic I will be bringing into the discussion is ways you can get more walking into your life. I have a series of small tips, tricks and ideas to help get you moving towards achieving your own 10,000 steps per day goal.

Topic number four is a little bit away from what I have thought about before, but it is what brought me back to the topic. That is books about walking, which likely will be mostly non-fiction. But I am also open to fiction books if you have any suggestions.

Finally, I will also look to share my experience with some of the technology for step tracking. In the past five years, I have used four or five different trackers. Also doing different tests for accuracy and talking about how to maximise your device.

Get In touch

I hope that this page will provide a great resource for many people. But the best way I can see it being even more useful is adjusting what I do based on what you the reader wants. I am always open to any feedback that you would like to provide either in the comments or if you contact me directly.

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