Walking Update – Week 3, 2020

Today I want to share with you an update of my walking for week 3 of 2020. The week started on Monday the 13th of January and concluded on Sunday the 19th of January.

Step Data

Monday 20,099 15,000
Tuesday 16,874 15,000
Wednesday 16,968 15,000
Thursday 15,605 15,000
Friday 17,117 15,000
Saturday 19,130 15,000
Sunday 20,386 15,000
Total126,179 105,000

Stepping Numbers

For over five years now, I have been tracking my steps daily and I enjoy looking over the numbers. This section breaks down some of those numbers from this week and cumulative for the year.

High & Low Days

The high day of the week with the most steps was Sunday, with 20,386 steps.

The low day of the week with the least steps was Thursday, with 15,605 steps.

Weekly Totals

Throughout the week, I met my daily step target on 7 out of 7 days. I walked 126,179 steps for the week with an average of 18,025 steps per day for the week.

Year to Date

With the steps I have walked this week, I now have 346,725 steps for the year. That places me around 358 steps ahead of the same time last year. The goal for the year is 6.5 million steps. There is another 50 weeks to go I need 6,153,275 steps or 123,065 steps per week.

This Time Last Year

I also find it interesting to look back to last year and see a comparison for the week and year to date progress.

So let’s look at the step details from week 3 in 2019. I walked 125,135 steps, giving me an average of 17,876 steps per day. Overall, I have walked 1,044 steps more this year.

The highest day for the week saw me walk, 24,083 steps a difference of 3,697 steps more than this year. While the lowest day for the week saw me walk, 15,219 steps a difference of 286 steps less than this year.

If you would like to see the full update from last year, you can visit post at Walking Update – Week 3, 2019.

Other Thoughts

Although the week ended up with a few less steps than last week, it was still a good week. There were a few challenges to work around including both extremes of weather. But I got to a reasonable outcome for my steps.

The weather was the greater challenge this week as there was a mix of days that were hot and humid. While it was not pleasant walking these days, you just have to do it. But these are the days that do not have quite as higher totals. The end of the week saw quite a lot of rain and this makes it more challenging to walk than heat. I found ways around that though and got some better totals on Saturday and Sunday.

One big change that I have made to my numbers above this year is being much more focused on the goal numbers weekly. In past years I have just looked at my progress at random times throughout the year. That has led to me not achieving my goal for the past four years.

Each week I will include my position against the goal and what I need on a weekly basis going forward. I could look at it daily, but it can be just a little to micro focused on the details. I am happy to review on a weekly basis and see if I can to increase or leave my walking at the level it is. Some days it is just not as easy to reach a higher target than I am already working on with 15,000 steps per day. So the average across a week can be easier to manipulate.

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