Walking Update – Week 17, 2020

Today I want to share with you and update of my walking for week 17 of 2020. The week started on Monday the 20th of April and concluded on Sunday the 26th of April.

Step Data

Monday 20,441 15,000
Tuesday 20,602 15,000
Wednesday 22,662 15,000
Thursday 17,538 15,000
Friday 21,329 15,000
Saturday 16,234 15,000
Sunday 18,561 15,000
Total137,367 105,000

Stepping Numbers

For over five years now, I have been tracking my steps daily and I enjoy looking over the numbers. This section breaks down some of those numbers from this week and cumulative for the year.

High & Low Days

The high day of the week with the most steps was Wednesday, with 22,662 steps.

The low day of the week with the least steps was Saturday, with 16,234 steps.

Weekly Totals

Throughout the week, I met my daily step target on 7 out of 7 days. I walked 137,367 steps for the week with an average of 19,623 steps per day for the week.

Year to Date

With the steps I have walked this week, I now have 2,277,962 steps for the year. That places me around 293,811 steps more than the same time last year. The goal for the year is 7 million steps. There is another 36 weeks to go and I need 4,722,038 steps or 131,167 steps per week.

This Time Last Year

I also find it interesting to look back to last year and see a comparison for the week and year to date progress.

So let’s look at the step details from week 17 in 2019. I walked 124,203 steps, giving me an average of 17,743 steps per day. Overall, I have walked 13,164 steps more this year.

The highest day for the week saw me walk, 25,277 steps a difference of 2,615 more than this year. While the lowest day for the week saw me walk, 15,205 steps a difference of 1,029 less than this year.

If you would like to see the full update from last year, you can visit post at Walking Update – Week 17, 2019.

Other Thoughts

The last week has been a rather uneventful week of walking. There were two different places I walked, because of needing to visit places for essential purposes. The first was a trip further afield to get some groceries that are not available locally. The second was to organise an exchange for my camera, which had a failure.

Beyond this walking, I did also venture out to photograph the sunset one afternoon. I parked a little away from where I was planning to take the photos and walked down. This was quite nice and something that I think I will try to do a little more often.

In Queensland we are looking at some current COVID-19 restrictions getting lifted at the end of the week. Specifically, the distance you may travel from home and the reopening of the National Parks. I don’t think I will run out this weekend to visit a National Park, as they may be rather busy. But it is definitely going to be on the cards in the near future.

This week there have been a few ups and downs in the walking. The low day was one of the lowest since January. It was a total public holiday in Queensland for Anzac Day and hardly left home. While I know I can get to 15,000 steps at home, it gets a drag going much beyond this. Not to say that doing the entire 15,000 at home is not something of a drag anyway. But you have to do what you have to do for the sake of a goal.

I hope that you have been out and about walking this week and will be back next week with another update.

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