Walking Update – Week 9, 2020

Today I want to share with you and update of my walking for week 9 of 2020. The week started on Monday the 24th of February and concluded on Sunday the 1st of March.

Step Data

Monday 19,057 15,000
Tuesday 18,644 15,000
Wednesday 20,490 15,000
Thursday 19,675 15,000
Friday 19,751 15,000
Saturday 19,886 15,000
Sunday 17,049 15,000
Total134,552 105,000

Stepping Numbers

For over five years now, I have been tracking my steps daily and I enjoy looking over the numbers. This section breaks down some of those numbers from this week and cumulative for the year.

High & Low Days

The high day of the week with the most steps was Wednesday, with 20,490 steps.

The low day of the week with the least steps was Sunday, with 17,049 steps.

Weekly Totals

Throughout the week, I met my daily step target on 7 out of 7 days. I walked 134,552 steps for the week with an average of 19,221 steps per day for the week.

Year to Date

With the steps I have walked this week, I now have 1,190,008 steps for the year. That places me around 145,410 steps more than the same time last year. The goal for the year is 7 million steps. There is another 44 weeks to go I need 5,809,992 steps or 132,045 steps per week.

This Time Last Year

I also find it interesting to look back to last year and see a comparison for the week and year to date progress.

So let’s look at the step details from week 9 in 2019. I walked 107,349 steps, giving me an average of 15,335 steps per day. Overall, I have walked 27,203 steps more this year.

The highest day for the week saw me walk, 15,888 steps a difference of 4,602 less than this year. While the lowest day for the week saw me walk, 15,125 steps a difference of 1,924 less than this year.

If you would like to see the full update from last year, you can visit post at Walking Update – Week 9, 2019.

Other Thoughts

The week has been one of trials for my walking. I had a few days that I was not so motivated to get out and walk. However, even from the daily numbers you could not pick which days these were.

Often the problem I encounter is not so much a lack of motivation to walk. But something which saps my energy or motivation for a portion of the day. Thankfully, these periods will only last for a few hours. It just means that I end up walking more later in the day.

The total steps for the week saw me just edge over the average I am looking for to reach my goal. It turns out to be the ideal situation, as the idea for me setting the goal is not to reach it halfway through the year. I want to have a little leeway at the end of the year. But ideally I will reach the goal between the middle of December and Christmas. Time will tell how this turns out.

There is not much more to add to this week. So I hope that you have found some interesting places to walk this week.

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