Walking Update – Week 12, 2015

Following you will find an update on my walking statistics for week 12 of 2015. The update covers the dates Monday 16th of March to Sunday 22nd of March. You can find details for the two days with no steps and Friday at the end of the post.

Step Data

Monday 16,352 10,000
Tuesday 13,954 10,000
Wednesday 19,989 10,000
Thursday 10,316 10,000
Friday 990 10,000
Saturday 0 10,000
Sunday 0 10,000
Total61,601 70,000

Stepping Numbers

I am a bit of a numbers geek at times, so of course, I like to look a little closer at some of the numbers behind the individual days.

First up is the highest day for the week which was Wednesday with a total of 19,989 steps. While the lowest day was Friday with a total of 990 steps.

I hit my daily step goal a total of 4 times this week and walked a total of 61,601 steps. Giving me an average of 8,800 steps per day across the week. With my steps this week that gives me 1,121,938 steps for the year to date.

Other Thoughts

Even though I had been wearing my fitness tracker, a Garmin Vivofit for some months one day I woke up with hives covering most of my body. On that day, which was Friday the only thing that I could put it down to might have been something in the plastic for the band. So decided to stop wearing the bad for a couple of days just to see. Part of this decision was that the hives were worse around where the band was on my arm. But that would make sense was the band might have irritated the area more.

However, what I believe was more the cause of the problem turned out to be a leech. I had been to Coffs Harbour, NSW for a few days at the beginning of the week. When I returned to the hotel one evening and removed my shoes and socks, one was soaked in blood. On closer inspection, I found a leech and the spot where it had been oozing blood.

So even though I had logged very few steps on Friday and none for the weekend, it is more a technicality. However, going to stick with this as logged for accuracy sake.

With this little incident, it breaks my current streak which got up to 70 days. Hoping to get back on target again soon.

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