Walking Update – Week 14, 2020

Today I want to share with you and update of my walking for week 14 of 2020. The week started on Monday the 30th of March and concluded on Sunday the 5th of April.

Step Data

Monday 17,511 15,000
Tuesday 17,570 15,000
Wednesday 18,200 15,000
Thursday 18,858 15,000
Friday 16,292 15,000
Saturday 18,826 15,000
Sunday 20,445 15,000
Total127,702 105,000

Stepping Numbers

For over five years now, I have been tracking my steps daily and I enjoy looking over the numbers. This section breaks down some of those numbers from this week and cumulative for the year.

High & Low Days

The high day of the week with the most steps was Sunday, with 20,445 steps.

The low day of the week with the least steps was Friday, with 16,292 steps.

Weekly Totals

Throughout the week, I met my daily step target on 7 out of 7 days. I walked 127,702 steps for the week with an average of 18,243 steps per day for the week.

Year to Date

With the steps I have walked this week, I now have 1,869,059 steps for the year. That places me around 242,362 steps ahead of the same time last year. The goal for the year is 7 million steps. There is another 39 weeks to go I need 5,130,941 steps or 131,562 steps per week.

This Time Last Year

I also find it interesting to look back to last year and see a comparison for the week and year to date progress.

So let’s look at the step details from week 14 in 2019. I walked 118,780 steps, giving me an average of 16,968 steps per day. This is 8,922 steps less than I walked this year.

The highest day for the week saw me walk, 20,063 steps a difference of just 382 steps less than this year. While the lowest day for the week saw me walk, 15,652 steps a difference of 640 steps less than this year.

If you would like to see the full update from last year, you can visit post at Walking Update – Week 14, 2019.

Other Thoughts

The last week has been probably the most significant changes to how and where I walk because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Progressively I have done a lot more walking around the house. Places like the verandah, the backyard and just even indoors. I suspect that for some time at least this may be the temporary normal for me.

This week has also been the lowest weekly total for me since week 3, 2020. I came in around 3,750 steps under the target for the week. The primary reason for this is on six of the seven days I walked less than the required daily average to achieve my goal. As of today, I would need to walk 19,003 steps per day for the rest of the year to reach my target. Since I had some buffer in my walking that I have already completed, I am not too concerned at missing the target a little like this occasionally.

Depending how things go next week, I am expecting to pass the 2 million step mark for the year. If that goes to plan it will be the earliest in the year I have reached that point in my records. It would also be almost 3 weeks earlier than I reached 2 million steps last year.

I hope that this update finds you still able to enjoy your own walking. Even with all that is going on in the world now, if you are able, getting outside for a walk can be beneficial. However, please remain aware that if you are in quarantine or self isolation, you abide by government restrictions.

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