Walking Update – Week 6, 2015

Following you will find an update on my walking statistics for week 6 of 2015. The update covers the dates Monday 2nd of February to Sunday 8th of February.

Step Data

Monday 13,171 10,000
Tuesday 10,029 10,000
Wednesday 12,575 10,000
Thursday 15,693 10,000
Friday 12,144 10,000
Saturday 10,514 10,000
Sunday 15,663 10,000
Total89,789 70,000

Stepping Numbers

I am a bit of a numbers geek at times, so of course, I like to look a little closer at some of the numbers behind the individual days.

First up is the highest day for the week which was Thursday with a total of 15,693 steps. While the lowest day was Tuesday with a total of 10,029 steps.

I hit my daily step goal a total of 7 times this week and walked a total of 89,789 steps. Giving me an average of 12,827 steps per day across the week. With my steps this week that gives me 566,335 steps for the year to date.

Other Thoughts

I managed to ease up on the walking a little from last week, but still got to my goal each day. Sometimes getting there can seem like a challenge while other times you just realise you have completely passed the mark.

The streak does continue this week and that brings me to 31 days straight achieving 10,000 steps per day. Looking back it does not seem that difficult to get to the 10,000 steps per day, but of course you have to be paying attention at times.

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